Design your own candle at home

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Miškas will share with you on how to make your own candle at home. Making candles is a great crafty hobby over the weekend but also can be great gift for your family and friends. The most exciting bit is that you can use your own essential oils in it and create a bespoke scent for your home.

Things you will need to make a candle

Soy wax ( golden 464) , ECO candle wick ( choose the size from a size chart, it depends on the diameter of your candle) , essential/fragrance oil, thermometer and scales.

ECO wick chart:

<1.9 inches - ECO 1 1.9 - 2.5 inches - ECO 4

2.5-2.9 inches - ECO 6

2.9 - 3.5 - ECO 10

Start making

100ml jar will need 117grams of soy wax. Essential/fragrance oils 7% of wax used - 8.2ml. Glue the wick to a centre of your jar. Melt wax to 82C - take it off the heat.

Let it to cool down to 65C - then pour your fragrance.

Mix it calmly and well.

Pour your scented wax into a candle jar at 55C. Let your candle stay overnight - then trim the wick to 5mm.

Hope you enjoyed making your own candle and re-filling those pretty jars you have. There is quite a bit of candle science to have a perfect candle but we start with small steps. Whether it does not throw the scent, scent is too strong or you wick drowns. Even the most luxurious brands can fail making a candle.

In our next blog we will answer most commonly asked questions by you and give away more secrets of the candle trade.

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