Updated: Mar 24, 2021

The brand's foundation has two elements - Baltic Culture & Escapism. You will find prominent references to Baltic region's independent development from 'concrete blocks' nation to a vibrant and culture rich society. The escapism is a ritual of leaving behind toxic environment that prevents individual growth - whether it's an occupied country or dysfunctional relationship with yourself.

Both open up the unlimited opportunities for healing and growth.

'The ultimate vision is to transform Baltic elements into tangible product when designing individual scents for our candle collection. So the consumer can get the ultimate experience of what brand is really about.' (Miskas Founder - Gabriele)

M I Š K A S worked closely with Alida Urban and Arash Lowni to manifest the Baltic element through photography and graphic design you see today. Arash played the pivotal part at setting the foundation for the brand using his global graphic design experience. The designer translated Gabriela's vision into graphic content and set the brand for success.

Alida Urban took on the challenge of translating m i š k a s emotional side to consumer. Her work reflected the emotional experiences in life and translated the emotion into tangible content. Hence, everything you see visually reflects well what the scent is all about.

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