Frequently asked questions

I have ordered candle workshop kit. What else do I need prior the session?

We will ask you to prepare a few items from your kitchen. The full list is inside the instructions leaflet you will receive with your kit.
The main thing to check is that you have a working hob with a bain marie OR pan and heat proof bowl or jug to melt your wax with.

Is the live workshop experience in Zoom included in the ticket price?

YES! It is!

I want to host a session just with my friends. How can I arrange that?

Yes - we love hosting private sessions with a group of friends. Just drop us an email on hello@miskascandles.com , we’d be more than happy to arrange a class with you and your friends!

What happens if I can’t attend the workshop I booked?

Just drop us an email to hello@miskascandles.com and we will be able to re-arrange it for you!

Can I use any vessel?

Your extra vessel must be heat proof. We suggest jam jars, mugs or tea cups, even old candle vessels. Just make sure your vessel is clean and has no cracks.

How do I clean my equipment after the class?

Simple, all you’ll need is hot (not boiling) water, washing up liquid and preferably washing up gloves to protect your hands from the hot water. It’s really important to ensure as little wax goes down your drain as possible, which is where the washing up gloves come in hand to help scoop out the excess wax. In our studio we fill the sink up with hot water, with the plug in, to create a bath for our empty jugs to sit in, this will heat up the excess wax and within a few minutes you’ll be able to pour or scoop that excess wax into the bin. Then just use lots of soap with hot water and a heavy duty or strong sponge to scrub your equipment clean. Our soy wax is a vegetable based wax and the oils we use do not contain any plastic so don’t worry about any negative effects of disposing the small amount of excess wax.