m i š k a s - a brand born from nature and grounded in Baltic culture. It references the independence of a concrete block culture, with a vibrant and curious social conscious.

Founded in 2020 by Gabriele who has trod a clear path through high end and high profile retail fashion and who wanted to channel her love of literature, fine wine and fragrances.
Her Baltic heritage is planted in every candle, and grew out of necessity in her home of Hackney. The scents are hand blended and each has its own tale to tell. Each fragrance talks to the future, grounded in sustainability and designed to be simple and functional.
Featured in GQ has helped it travel from its humble origins of a lonely beach in the north to 
US, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany.

Gabriele's Word

My approach is simple: when you take - you give something back. Simple pleasures should not be at a cost of our planet. Hence, the jar re-fill service, top quality soy wax, essential oils and mindful packaging. 

The range of products focus on nurturing the soul, building relationships and embracing minimalism.
m i š k a s embraces its Baltic roots, culturally wise and grounded by nature. Therefore, each candle has a story of surroundings poured in the scent.


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  • Jar re-fill available at Stockists.


  • M I Š K A S is aware of the many concerns regarding the rapid expansion of the soybean industry. Following our mission statement: if we take - we give something back, we have partnered with edenprojects.org and commit 2% of all our profits towards planting trees to reduce the carbon footprint.​

  • We have minimised our shipping packaging down to one self sealing envelope with a recyclable bubble wrap. All online deliveries will come with a digital e-commerce card and no paper printouts. 

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